flat tire.

husband and i both had pretty rough days today.

and i guess our beetle didn't want to feel left out...
at the end of our day, she gave up 
and gave us a flat on the way home.

i got mad at her {and husband- after all, he DID drive up on the curb
which caused the flat} but i'm working on my anger 
and had fun with the camera while my love fixed the tire.
thanks, husband.
you're so handsome. 

oh to be brave.

i wish i could pull off this hair cut.
isn't it beautiful?
and so perfect for summer...

a headband for your wedding...

lately, i've made a few headbands from my shop
for a few beautiful brides and their big day.

i made this headband special for amy. 
doesn't she rock it? she is one beautiful girl.

contact me if you want to work together 
on designing a wedding headband.


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