film shots.

from brooklyn project.

i'll blog more about it when i'm allowed.

rockstar giveaway!

guess who we are seeing in concert again tomorrow night?

maybe just the most awesome artist & songwriter ever.

that would be, regina spektor.
{if you don't know regina, click here or here or here.}

and thanks to regina, her manager, and warner brothers,
we have a totally awesome rockstar giveaway for you this week!

our first giveaway winner will receive regina's FAR CD

and our second giveaway winner will receive regina's FAR
LP vinyl record!

and enter taza15 to receive 15% off merchandise!!

comment below before friday, october 2nd
for a chance to win the CD or vinyl!

good luck!

*tune in to see regina on snl october 10th!

**giveaway open to international readers too!


can't wait to go again!
shenandoah national park is breathtaking!

we recommend it!

i *thought* we saw a bear by the road friday night. but now husband is telling people it was a reflector.

we had so much fun camping together in shenandoah last weekend.

more pictures to come!

*he's fired. i know the difference between a bear and a reflector.

we're going on a bear hunt! we're going to catch a big one!

husband and i are going camping together this weekend.
just the two of us...

we're super excited. we've never been camping together.
2 years ago... but i don't think that counts.}

have a wonderful weekend!

see you monday!

giveaway winner!

our giveaway winner is david!

david, please email me your address and which vintage piece you'd like!

thanks to magnolia family vintage and everyone who entered!

before & afters of our bathroom...

{please excuse the bad quality of photos... the lighting is lame.}

we don't really know what was going on with our bathroom
when we first moved in. lots of crazy shelving.
so we took it down & wallpapered {it's the removable sticker kind!}
hung a new mirror {which we got for dirt cheap out in lucketts virginia}
and framed a few of my black and white dianas.

if you ever come over,
please don't say anything about our wallpaper job.
it's not good. we know.
but we had a lot of fun together a few weeks ago at 2AM figuring it out...
even if it's kind of wrinkly and crooked all over, we like it.

see our before&after kitchen post here.

eh hem.

ladies and gents,

after reading your comments, i feel the need to clarify. i'm NOT becoming vegan. while i totally respect my friends willpower and courage and awesomeness, i am a cheeseburger queen {hello!}
i also love dairy a little too much.

but i am taking steps to put better things in my body. like, hi-yah {most} processed foods.
{thus the oreo comment.}

care to join me? this could be fun....


polaroids from brooklyn project.

backyard wedding in richmond, va.

we attended the most darling little backyard wedding
last month in richmond virginia.

allison, the beautiful bride, is josh's cousin.
{we kind of used to be neighbors too in nyc!}

we are so thrilled for allison & tim and their new pretty home
{and coveted back yard} in richmond.

congrats, allison!

Brooklyn Polaroids.

all taken around york street.
first stop off the F train in brooklyn.

p.s. i LOVE brooklyn.

friends in the city...

i got to catch up with these beautiful friends
last weekend when i wasn't dancing in brooklyn.

i miss seeing their faces on a daily basis.

happy first day of autumn!
my favorite time of year is here!

rockstar giveaway!

i am so excited about this weeks sponsored giveaway

magnolia family vintage is a completely family run mom & pop vintage shop.
they "bring you a carefully edited and affectionately cared for
selection of vintage from all over the country."
they..."love vintage clothing, not just trends!"

the winner will get to choose which vintage goodie
they like best from the selection of vintage jewelry displayed here
(more giveaway options to choose from here)
or a lot of ten colorful, beautiful vintage scarves...
the choice is up to the winner!

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good luck!

*open to international readers as well!!


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