little letters.

dear fishs eddy,
someday i'll own lots of dishes from you. someday.


dear running shoes,
i couldn't believe you this morning... you were the magic behind a successful run. my body has never kept up so well. thank you!

dear beetle,
sometimes i hate that you're a convertible. i hate that husband always wants to drive with the top down.


dear bedtime stories,
i love you.

dear friends in nyc (and chicago),
i don't know what happened to cause you all to become vegans in my absence... but maybe you've inspired me to make small changes and think about what i'm putting into my body.

dear oreos.


dear secrets that never stay secrets,
it's all just really unfortunate. and disappointing.

dear pumpkin festival in germantown,
hay rides and corn mazes? pumpkin picking & hand-dipped caramel apples?

where'd my feet go?

while my baby bump might have taken a while to show in the beginning, i think it's making up for lost time now. every morning when i wake up it looks and feels bigger than the day before. and i absolutely love it. while i might be sick most of the time and not look it, my baby bump makes me feel more beautiful than i've ever felt before.

we cannot wait to meet our little one soon. we are excited/ scared/ nervous/ scared some more and excited again. i can't wait for that moment when josh tells me "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl" and we finally meet this little blessing in person. i might have bought one too many baby girl dresses in paris this summer (ok, maybe i've been secretly stocking up for years) so i am sort of hoping for "girl" but i already know having a mini josh running around would melt my heart, too. (and don't worry, i've been stocking up on plenty of "boy" things these last few years as well. but why are baby girl clothes so much more darling? at least in my opinion...)

and i also hope that after this baby arrives, i'll have my appetite back for hamburgers. because i still love them so, even if i haven't been able to stomach looking at one since early july. :(

the big 50.

i haven't done a birthday post in forever,
but today my dad turns the big 50!
i think that warrants a birthday post.

happy 50th birthday dad!
thanks for introducing me to black licorice and star trek
and for coming to all my shows and driving me to all my lessons
and for all the fun daddy daughter dates and phone calls!
can't wait to see you as a "grandpa" in about 10-ish weeks!
our baby is gonna be lucky...

i looooove you...


i woke up cold this morning. and when i took kingsley outside to potty shortly after, i needed my winter jacket and a scarf.

this means two things. 1. it's time to break out the firewood and build a fire! 2. josh doesn't know it yet, but we're totally roasting marshmallows and making s'mores this evening, too!

*photo from last february. during one of d.c.'s numerous snow storms that left us snowed in for an entire weekend.

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orange october on capitol hill.

taking walks around the hill these days proves to be extra special since orange is popping up everywhere. i love autumn.

marcel the shell with shoes on.

my favorite part is her little dog.
how perfect.

thanks to my sister rachel for sharing this with me.

kingsley gets his football on.

while in florida last week, we went to the homecoming game of josh's old high school, the bolles school. wanna guess the bolles school mascot? a bulldog! josh bought kingsley a little toddler bolles shirt in the gift shop and he was a hit at the tail gate party and game running around the field with his little football. we felt proud.

and here's kingsley, looking over and admiring
bruno, the real bolles bulldog mascot!

giveaway winner announced!

congrats to mars for winning the giveaway!
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thanks for playing everyone!

in the magazine + cocktail party

josh and i were pretty surprised and flattered when washingtonian magazine asked us to be in their september "style setters" issue a few months ago. we did a little photo shoot with them in august at the w hotel here in d.c. and the issue came out a few weeks later. photos by chris leaman.

at the end of september, washingtonian magazine held a little cocktail party at the phillips collection to celebrate the 19 washingtonians that were featured. we had a lot of fun with friends at the party (and oh how i'm craving some of that asparagus soup they served this very second!)

to see all the photos from the cocktail party, click here. cocktail photos by tony brown.

st. augustine, florida

after a long morning at the beach,
our little family spent saturday afternoon in st. augustine.
i would like to live there someday. on st george street, to be exact.

photos from a day at the beach.

the 27 week baby bump!

i think kingsley and i were a little jealous over the weekend that josh grew up on this beach in florida. even though his parents moved out west when he left home for college, this is where josh is from and what he calls home. i love that when we visit jacksonville together, i get to learn a little bit more about my husband and his life before i met him. i loved driving by his old home and visiting his favorite spots, seeing his old high school and meeting some of his old friends and teachers.

and kingsley loved florida too... mostly, he just loved the beach. we were surprised at how brave our little mister was when it came to the ocean. it took him about 45 minutes before he was willing to get his little paws wet and warm up to the sound of the crashing waves (at first he'd sit there with his ear perked up as he watched them and bark back at them when they were extra loud), but once he finally warmed up to the idea of playing in the waves, we couldn't get him out of the water. it was adorable. we love him, lots.

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kingsley diary.

"hello friends!

i am back from the beach and i have to tell you, i am already sad... i miss it so. despite what humans say about bulldogs not liking water or having the right body type to swim (sure, diss the pudgy wrinkled dog) i was born to play all day long in the ocean waves, drink salt water by the buckets and dig in the sand. it was the best weekend of my life. and i can't believe it's over.

if anyone in florida wants to adopt the cutest bully ever (must promise to take me to the beach every single day and feed me treats whenever i want-- not just when i do tricks), i am your dog. just don't tell mom and dad i am looking for new beach bum owners.

love, kingsley."


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