photos from a day at the beach.

the 27 week baby bump!

i think kingsley and i were a little jealous over the weekend that josh grew up on this beach in florida. even though his parents moved out west when he left home for college, this is where josh is from and what he calls home. i love that when we visit jacksonville together, i get to learn a little bit more about my husband and his life before i met him. i loved driving by his old home and visiting his favorite spots, seeing his old high school and meeting some of his old friends and teachers.

and kingsley loved florida too... mostly, he just loved the beach. we were surprised at how brave our little mister was when it came to the ocean. it took him about 45 minutes before he was willing to get his little paws wet and warm up to the sound of the crashing waves (at first he'd sit there with his ear perked up as he watched them and bark back at them when they were extra loud), but once he finally warmed up to the idea of playing in the waves, we couldn't get him out of the water. it was adorable. we love him, lots.


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