where'd my feet go?

while my baby bump might have taken a while to show in the beginning, i think it's making up for lost time now. every morning when i wake up it looks and feels bigger than the day before. and i absolutely love it. while i might be sick most of the time and not look it, my baby bump makes me feel more beautiful than i've ever felt before.

we cannot wait to meet our little one soon. we are excited/ scared/ nervous/ scared some more and excited again. i can't wait for that moment when josh tells me "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl" and we finally meet this little blessing in person. i might have bought one too many baby girl dresses in paris this summer (ok, maybe i've been secretly stocking up for years) so i am sort of hoping for "girl" but i already know having a mini josh running around would melt my heart, too. (and don't worry, i've been stocking up on plenty of "boy" things these last few years as well. but why are baby girl clothes so much more darling? at least in my opinion...)

and i also hope that after this baby arrives, i'll have my appetite back for hamburgers. because i still love them so, even if i haven't been able to stomach looking at one since early july. :(


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