thanksgiving day polaroids.

give thanks {with a turkey}.

we had such a wonderful little thanksgiving dinner
at our place with my sisters.
we cooked together all day (plus the afternoon & evening before).
i've never had so much fun.

josh made a delicious turkey with homemade stuffing.
and together we made homemade corn bread
mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, wassail,
raspberry apple sauce jell-o, and an apple pie with ice cream.

so good.
what did you do?
hope your thanksgiving was lovely.

p.s. did you watch this thanksgiving video yet?
i can't stop watching it... it's really good.

sisters @ the lincoln memorial.

info on memorial here.

oh yes, and last weeks giveaway winner is haylie:

congrats haylie! please email me which photograph you'd like
and your shipping info.

oh christmas tree! oh christmas tree!

my favorite time of year is finally here!
we kicked off the holiday festivities by buying a tree
from eastern market with my sisters!

merry christmas!

here is a little video we made last year
starring our christmas tree & studio apartment in nyc.

sisters for thanksgiving.

hope you had a beautiful thanksgiving!
ours was especially entertaining with these two silly ladies.

we have them all to ourselves until sunday, so we'll be back soon!

that also means i'm not drawing the giveaway winner until monday,
so you still have time to enter!!

have a great weekend!

what are you thankful for?

this made me cry. and laugh too.

i'm thankful for so many things....

but mostly,
my life.
my family.
my faith.

Happy Thanksgiving!
hope you get to spend the weekend with those you love
(even if you don't celebrate the holiday)
and take a moment to notice the things you're thankful for...
and thank Him for all the beautiful treasures in your life.

little letters.

dear grapefruit,
you've made a huge comeback in my morning routine! i can't believe i'd forgotten your existence for over a year! i love you.

dear sisters,
i'm seeing you in a few short hours and I.CANNOT.WAIT.

dear julie & mark,
we're so excited for you and think your engagement story beats all. (as do celebratory get-togethers at good stuff eatery.)

dear drool,
i am so embarrassed you keep showing up.

dear NYC jury duty,
hello! why do you keep bugging me? i'm a DC resident now.

dear rain, cold, and wind,
i'd love it if you'd just snow already, or go away altogether.

dear 2009 Davis family Christmas tree,
you'll be our 4th tree we buy and decorate together. i won't say who, but somebody is going bonkers waiting to meet you!

dear cranberry sauce, stuffing & pumpkin pie,
ah! Happy Thanksgiving!


rockstar giveaway! (closed)

remember how much you all loved ciao chessa the first time around?

lucky for you, monica shulman from ciao chessa is back!
and she's offering any print {you pick!}
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Taza Shop!

a new batch of headbands are up!

and i've moved my etsy shop over to a brand new blogspot address.
we'll see how it works out, but for all the info, click here.

photos by rebecca reed.

'tis the season.

last week nicole sent over the touched up images
from our little holiday shoot last year.

i love this one.

and i love molly.
don't we look like we could be dog people?
i want to be dog people.


p.s. sensibly styled asked me to put together
some fun Thanksgiving outfits. see them here.

mamma mia, that's a lot of pasta!

a couple of weeks ago we tried out pasta mia in adams morgan with friends.
we found the almost 2 hour wait for a table very worth it.

excellent pasta.
HUGE portions (lunch leftovers for days!)
and wonderful company (we're really liking the people here in DC).
and i always love an opportunity to see my husband
whip out his italian to chat with the staff! so sexy.

and see the man waiving in the back of this photo? amazing.

taza shop.

i have a small new batch of headbands going into my shop next week.
there will be some old favorites + some new headbands too!
here is just a small preview of what will be there.

sorry it's been many many months since i've updated the shop...
between moving to DC, teaching, & working on some styling projects
the shop has been on the back burner.

photos by the talented photographer rebecca reed.


rockstar winner!

charlotte is the winner of this week's giveaway!
congrats charlotte! please email me your shipping info...

thanks for playing, everyone.


despite the muggy weather, big zit on my face & long list of things to do,
today is going to be a beautiful day.

i can feel it.

*image via some magazine which i tore up a few months ago.
this scrap piece stays pinned up beside my work space. and i love it.

the good wife.

(once upon a time, i cooked a lot for my husband.... once upon a time.)

would you like to know something?

sometimes, if i close my eyes and think hard enough, i actually believe i'm a good wife.

then, i open my eyes.

we've had clean clothes sitting in the dryer for over a week now. missing socks or underwear? just go get a pair out of the dryer. this is my way of saying i hate folding clothes.

i've also made an empty tube of toothpaste last wayyyyyy longer than it should (think, many many days) because sometimes i'm lazy and think i'll remember to buy some without writing it down on our shopping list. it's almost like that tube is magic... the way it has lasted.

but i finally dusted our shelves. so maybe i am part good wife.

just thought you should know.
i'll do better next year.

*also, i know things like loving your husband, supporting him, being kind, encouraging, strengthening your marriage, etc are perhaps more important ways of being a "good wife." but i still believe i could do better at making our home a tidy and comfortable place to live. and, i should tell you now that josh is the biggest help around our house. thanks, josh.

class of '08.

i have to tell you, i miss juilliard.
i miss the people. i miss the faculty.
...i miss my class.
{all 18 of them.}

i miss risa's inspiring words.
i miss larry's ballet class.
i miss joe's jazz warm up.
i miss mr. price's creative writing class.
i miss hanging out in the dance hall with everyone.
i miss hearing musicians practicing 24/7. even in the elevator.
i miss the improv jams with the musicians and actors.
i miss the butterflies before casting is posted.
i miss getting ready backstage.
i miss waiting in the wings to perform.
i miss irene dowd's anatomy quizzes.
i miss falling asleep in dance history.
i miss robert battle + doug varone rehearsals.
i miss the feelings of inadequacy that pushed me to work harder.
i miss being surrounded by creative and artistic people all day long.

but i especially just miss my class of '08.
they continue to be a huge source of where i gain my inspiration from.
i'm so proud of what everyone is up to and accomplishing.

as time passes and i look back,
i realize just how much those 4 years at school shaped me
as a dancer and as a person.
i also realize how much my class of '08 has contributed to
the way i look at my life and what i want from it.
i'm really thankful for that...


*photo of my class at juilliard. dancing on the street in brooklyn.
photo credit: matt karas.

to see more photos from this shoot, click here.

what's cookin, good lookin!

first, i cannot believe Thanksgiving is already next week!
how did that happen so fast?
{but i'm not complaining! i love thanksgiving.}

for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving,
what is everybody doing for the special holiday?

we are staying in DC and having the boo boo's
{aka my little twin sisters} up from college for the weekend.

as you can see from these photos of them above,
they proved to be very domestic when we had them over in august.
they cooked josh and me dinner!
we can't wait to see what they whip up for us next week!
(just kidding. we'll cook too...)

as i'm prepping for our big turkey dinner next week,
i'm trying to gather some new recipes.

anyone have a killer
apple pie,
or rolls recipe
they'd love to share with everyone?

or any recipe for that matter!
let's get cookin!

i'd love your help....
thanks in advance. i love you.

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

our sponsor Muntedkowhai is offering a beautiful necklace
to one of our readers this week!

the handmade necklace, named corporal, is military inspired--
featuring a unique raw brass mesh chain flanked
with a navy blue crochet lace motif.

measures 23 inches in length.

i think it's perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

to enter, please visit Muntedkowhai
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good luck!

a beautiful girl named daile.

my dear old friend daile was in DC this past weekend
visiting from huntington beach!
we hit up the portrait gallery and had lunch in georgetown.
it was so great catching up.

i ADORE this girl.
currently trying to convince her to move to DC.
it's this close to happening. someone please back me.

p.s. stupid sunglasses are ruining this pic. forgot i had them on.


we spent most of the day yesterday up in maryland
with one of our favorite families.
{four adorable kids under the age of eleven...
and 3 of them can ride unicylces! love!}

we ate lots of crepes & jumped roped outside until it got dark.
i wish i was better at catching action shots with my camera.
maybe in a few years when we have our own kids, i'll get it down.

in the meantime, we'd like unicycles for Christmas... dear santa.

{josh stayed on the unicycle a whole 3 seconds! so proud.}

the colors on capitol hill.

our little neighborhood is so alive with color right now.
it's beautiful.

i want to live on the hill forever.


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