happy birthday!

...to my man,
best friend,
love of my life,
partner in rockstar crime,
and dear sweet husband.

i love you so much, josh!
happy 27th!


little letters.

dear baked and wired,
pretty sure you make the best cupcakes, brownies, pies and cookies in DC right now. why are you so awesome?

dear radio station,
isn't there something besides lady gaga to play?

dear josh,
i'm still sad you refused my brilliant birthday party idea for your big day this saturday. i will continue to bring this up for months.

dear ladies of the world,
do we really have to shave our legs so often? i'm tired of feeling guilty about rarely shaving. let's stop this madness.

dear pneumonia residing in my puppy,
leave. forever. and never come back.

dear readers,
thanks for being kind about this blog turning into a kingsley blog. and for being so supportive and kind while he's been so sick.

dear readers (again),
have you checked out the mini DC guide yet? my post about things to do in the district here, places to eat in the district here, music venues here and a few of my favorite DC shopping spots coming tomorrow.

dear pet insurance,
it's such a shame we didn't meet a few days earlier.

dear fondant,
you are very hard to make. and you make me feel like i have zero skills.

dear weekend,
thank you for finally getting here. hopefully i'll enjoy you while catching up on all my missed zzzzzzz's from the week.

photo of me holding a baked and wired cupcake
taken by the lovely rebecca reed.

i've noticed...

that this face keeps showing up when a picture is taken of me.
what am i doing?

...and because my eyes disappear when i laugh,
there are far too many photos of me like this too.

oh, such a rockstar.

kingsley is home!

...and we are thrilled.

kingsley update.

it breaks my heart to see kingsley hooked up to an IV, isolated in an oxygen tank receiving breathing treatments with some stupid cone on his head so he won't pull out his IV. but the good news is, he's eating again and finally responding to us when we visit. we can't wait to bring him back home from the pet hospital.

also, thank you thank you thank you for sending good thoughts and positive energy his way. it means a lot.

such a brave little king.
kingsley, i love you.

*and these were taken with my iphone so sorry for the quality.

our little ninja is sick.

i took kingsley into the vet today because he didn't eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning and had a runny nose and cough all night.

i thought i was being paranoid because he just had a check up last week and all looked good. but turns out, he had to be admitted to the pet hospital this afternoon and is in the ICU being treated for pneumonia. it broke my heart to see his little lungs all cloudy on the xray.

please send good thoughts his way so he gets better and can come home in a few days. he's all we have and we love him very much.

clean wrinkles. and other stuff.

josh snapped these while i was wiping down kingsley's wrinkles the other day.
(something we have to do everyday for our little bully. he's learning to like it.)
i'm posting them because i am annoying and think he is the cutest.

in other news,
we have nicknamed kingsley, ninja.
because we've decided he would make the worst ninja ever.

josh has a birthday this saturday!
i am more excited about this than he is.

we deep cleaned our closet.
this means you can walk inside it and see the floor.
(i am a messy one to live with.)

it was 67 degrees outside yesterday.
unfortunately, it didn't last long.

i got a letter in the mail from my almost 12 year old brother
and i couldn't believe how beautiful his cursive handwriting is.
he'll have to teach me how to improve my scribbles next month.

18 days until utah.
i just might make a paper chain count down for our house.
i'm that happy about it!

mini guide to washington D.C.

i'll be guest posting this week over at 21st and ivy with a mini guide to D.C.
that i put together with the wonderful photographer rebecca reed.

the mini guide includes some favorite things to do,
places to eat, a few music venues and the best shops around D.C.
so be sure to stop by each day this week and check it out!

*a more detailed guide of D.C. for rockstar diaries is in the works right now!
but in the meantime, check out the mini guide and come visit D.C.!
you know you want to!

i wonder...

how many more times i'll be able to pick up kingsley like this.
he's getting so big. so fast!

a trip to the beehive state is what we've been needing.

i have this holga blown up and framed in our front room.
it is of my sisters and me in nyc summer of 2008.
i look at it every day and miss them.

we just booked flights to spend 10 days with family
in utah mid february! and, we're bringing kingsley with us!
i got so excited last night that i cried.
i can't wait to see everyone!
minus the twins who will be at school :(

i love my family.

josh and me, and little kingsley.

last night when i opened my email, i found this sweet drawing
of josh, kingsley and me by the talented victoria
who obviously has some beautiful skills when it comes to drawing.

it was such a sweet surprise and i can't get over it.

thank you so much victoria!

more headbands for haiti

...are going into the shop this morning. hope to see you over there!


*all proceeds are going towards haiti. read more here.

"no fire."

*please note before you comment on what bad dog parents we are
that we monitor kingsley 24/7 when a fire is going
and the fireplace is blocked off when we aren't there to watch him.

about 50 times a day, we have to teach kingsley "no fire."
he is obsessed with sitting inside the protective screen
and watching the fire burn.


our old soul new heart giveaway winner chosen at random is:

who coincidentally, i've known since preschool!
hooray! please send me your shipping info emily.

thanks everyone for playing!


have you seen casey o'connell's newest paintings?
i can't get over them. they are very special and beyond inspiring.

click here to see what i mean.

all things kingsley.

carrying it gives me an excuse to blab about my cute bulldog
when a stranger comments on the tote bag.
i'm so sly.


i think i found a sport that i like.

we aren't big sports fans over here at the davis house.
we follow tennis a little (and josh likes crew)
but when it comes to the super bowl and all that,
we don't really know what is going on.

but..... i think i just fell in love with hockey.
we went to a capitols game with some friends last friday night
(they played toronto's maple leafs, 6-1)
and guess what? it was amazing.

mostly, i just loved all the hockey fights.
we counted a total of 4 on the ice.
it was awesome.

*you might not be able to tell in this picture,
but i wore earrings on friday night. hooray for fulfilling new years resolutions.
even if i felt like a dork all night AND had swollen ears the next day.
checking it off my list of things i accomplished. wahoo.

rockstar giveaway!

our sponsor old soul new heart is giving away this lovely
"bow tie not optional" necklace to one of our lucky readers this week!

the necklace is made with a black and gray bow tie
and is "cleverly re-worked with mixed vintage
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so go check out all of old soul new heart's beautiful pieces
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good luck!


godiva dark chocolate cheesecake is our favorite.

what is yours?

p.s. juniors cheesecake in brooklyn will forever have a special place in our hearts though.

and our little family takes on our computer photobooth.

hope your weekend was just grand.
ours was filled with lots of kingsley lovin.
...among other things.

and check out kingsley's extra skin hanging out
in the first and last picture above. ha. love it.

i love kingsley. but what else is new?

what i love about kingsley:

  • his puppy kisses, puppy breath, sweet nudges
  • how he insists we rub his tummy first thing every morning
  • that he's excelled in potty training with the puppy pads
  • how sweet his little snores sound
  • that he doesn't cry or bark at our bedroom door when we go to bed for the night
  • that he lets me wipe his wrinkles down everyday without fussing about it anymore

what we're working on:

  • only biting chew toys. never hands, feet and most importantly, my frye boots.
  • staying out of the fireplace when a fire is going (why does he love to sit inside the protective screen and watch the fire? scary)
  • staying in our carrier and not crawling onto my lap when i'm driving the car
  • no barks to get onto the furniture

what i'm working on :

  • resisting the urge to turn every conversation into a "kingsley" conversation with friends and strangers
  • feeling ok with letting him stay home for a few hours on his own
  • not letting him up onto the furniture when he barks or cries at it (i give in very easily to his barks and cries)
  • putting my shoes away
  • being patient while we work on "not biting"

gosh, do we love this little guy.

help haiti.

everything going on in haiti is hard to stomach. the pictures, the stories, the reports. it's all very terrible and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of haiti.

while it's a humble and very small offering, i'd like to donate all proceeds of the sales made in my love,taza shop over the next two weeks to the doctors without borders fund to help in haiti. so if you feel so inclined, click here to order a headband and donate to haiti.

to make a donation directly, please click here.

***update: i should have know the haiti response would be so awesome. while i stocked the shop with a over 50 headbands this morning, we've sold out. i will try to make more this upcoming week for haiti. thank you everyone!!!

have a great weekend!

hope you have a nice warm weekend!
we hope to spend the majority of ours outside
before it gets cold again....

and our giveaway winner is tim corey:

tim, please email me your contact info!
thanks for playing, everyone!

sisters rachel and bekah at the national zoo last summer.

also from the roll of diana film that was frozen in my car.

better weather, please don't go away.

the weather has been a little warmer around DC these past few days.
this means kingsley doesn't shiver and shake while we're walking
which means we get to take longer walks together.

we are both beyond excited for spring!

old photo pitter patter.

do you ever come across an old photo and get déjà vu?
remembering that exact moment, years ago...
and just how many butterflies you felt then, and even now,
when you look at it and think back?

i love when old photos make my heart go pitter patter.

*this photo was taken on a day trip out of nyc to costco with friends before we were married.


i've had this roll of film from the diana+
in the car for months and just now developed it.

i'm sort of really liking what the bitter cold of the car
did to the films edges. what a lovely little surprise.



kingsley is an english bulldog
but maybe he could be mistaken for a french bulldog
if we got his ears to stay in this position:

nah, just kidding. we don't want to change a thing about this little guy.
and yes, we're still gushing.

rockstar giveaway!

i am so excited about this weeks sponsored giveaway!

she's offering one lucky reader a $100 gift certificate to her shop!

lisa says "my desire is to create simple, lovely pieces
that can be worn with jeans or your little black dress.
each piece is meaningful. each piece is hand cut, hammered,
polished, drilled & assembled with care."

here are a few of my favorites from lisa's shop:

go check out all of her beautiful creations here
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good luck!

p.s. follow lisa and her shop on twitter here.


i am sick today.

how are you?

*the most productive thing i've accomplished today
was taking my polaroid camera outside
while i walked kingsley this morning. it's a beautiful day outside.
a sad day to be sick.

enjoy your weekend!

see you next week!

love, naomi & kingsley
(and josh, too.)

passed out in a turtle neck.

sometimes it's just too much work to make it to his bed!
glad kingsley has a sense of humor that keeps us entertained.

miss sarah and little dmitri.

last saturday, we had our friend sarah (and her adorable little one, dmitri)
over for some yummy homemade paella (thank you josh)
and rice pudding (thank you rice to riches, nyc).

after dinner, we played jump rope, puppy tug of war,
josh was a tickle monster (which eventually made dmitri cry-- oops!)
among other games and things.

we adore these two and are thrilled they love kingsley!
sarah is the owner and director of the studio where i teach
(and a post just about the studio is coming in the next few days...
seriously, i have to tell you about this studio. but it deserves its own post.)

i'm so thankful for sarah.
i wish i could list on here all the things
she's done for me in the few months i've known her.
seriously, an angel. such a blessing having her here.

p.s. how cute is dmitri with his "spicy water"? (san pellegrino)
he's my kind of boy. live for that stuff.

little goals (that will be very hard for me to keep) but i will accomplish this year.

this year, i will diligently try to not let things go bad in the refrigerator.

this year, i will make an effort to actually keep the clothes in my dresser folded and the stuff in my closet on the hangers.

this year, i will wear earrings at least once. (i hate earrings on me. haven't worn them in years... in fact, i might not have holes in my ears anymore it's been that long. but i'd like to give em a shot.)

this year, i will stop biting my nails (for reals this time.)

this year, i will try other kinds of sushi besides california rolls and shrimp tempura. (i tried a scallop roll 2 nights ago! and it was pretty good.)

this year, i will plan and prepare my sunday primary lessons for church before sunday morning.

this year, i will learn how to swim without holding my nose under water.

this year, i will improve my handwriting (especially my cursive) by writing and sending more handwritten notes.

this year, i will work work on making my hugs less awkward and try to always signal before i change lanes on the freeway.

this year, i will get up and out of bed the first time the alarm clock goes off.

what little goals will you accomplish this year?

*old polaroid from 2008 dress up time.


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