giveaway winner, a few other things and a pretty photo.

{via papertissue.}

it is the weekend. hooray!
it is so hot and humid here in dc right now i could die.
and there is a big fly in the house that won't leave me alone. 

husband and i were planning to go to the zoo tomorrow to see the pandas 
{mostly i just want to see the elephants 
but husband won't stop talking about panda bears}

i really hope we make it there...
i made a to-do list of things we have going on this weekend
plus our weekend chores/ responsibilities and the list is loooong... 
so...the zoo might have to wait.


also, this is our giveaway winner:

andrea, please email me your shipping address... and congrats!


oh yeah, and the lovely list blog just went live
 and featured one of our old posts. {thanks brandy!}


can you believe it's august 1st tomorrow?! 
summer is going by so quickly!
have a wonderful weekend in the sun!
{and eat some otter pops too, ok?}

here's to happiness, round 2 {by heather}

a new beautiful happy list...

heather's little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. browsing the travel guidebook section of the local bookstore
  2. receiving hand-written mail from an old friend
  3. the sound of sprinklers in the summer
  4. thunderstorms
  5. buying old postcards at the flea market
  6. candid photos
  7. organizing my closet
  8. salmon/ avocado rolls
  9. the start of a new season
  10. a romantic dinner at a sidewalk cafe
thanks for sharing, heather!
{photo via papertissue}

things i never did until you showed up.

my husband is rubbing off on me.
before i married this man i NEVER

watched a firefly episode
salted my food 
wore a black hoody over my head while sleeping to block all light
ate ice cream straight out of the carton {let alone a 1/2 carton in one sitting}
wore men's old spice deodorant
{ok, i don't think he likes that i wear his deodorant either,
but it works so much better and smells so darn good}
drank sprite
ate so many burgers 
popped my knuckles

and i'd like to kick some of these new found habits rather quickly.
especially the ice cream and salting everything i eat part.

husband, you're cute doing these things but it's not so cute with me.

*i know i should note all the wonderful quality traits my husband has 
that i'm hoping eventually rub off on me
 {like never raising his voice and folding his clothes so nicely}
but i'm still working on those and they haven't shown up yet.

the president's own...

on our way home from dinner last week we caught a little concert
on the capitol steps. the president's own, marine band.
they were awesome- even if my pictures aren't.


here's to happiness, round 2 {by estee}

a beautiful happy list, by estee.

estee's little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. fresh flowers in the kitchen
  2. a forever family
  3. reading what has been highlighted in a used textbook
  4. the smell of rain on hot pavement
  5. phone calls from far away 
  6. window seats
  7. giggles that turn into hiccups
  8. closing my eyes in a loud restaurant
  9. listening to the symphony warm up 
  10. shaky legs from a long run
thanks, estee! this list is beautiful!
{photo via papertissue.}

here's to happiness, round 2 {by emily}

happy. happy. happy.

emily's little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. embarrassing stories
  2. teeth so clean they squeak
  3. old couples holding hands
  4. wet willies
  5. surprisingly pleasant people
  6. milk mustaches
  7. my wannabe garden
  8. charity
  9. the smell of freshly cut grass
  10. making new friends
thanks for the beautiful list, emily!
{photo via papertissue.}

and while i'm posting music videos...

this one by lisa mitchell has grown on me...
love this song more than i should.


p.s. i think it's her little shoulder shrugs as she's dancing around that got to me.

i heart priscilla.

{via eliza blog.}

friend sumaya came to town and we celebrated with cupcakes...

...after a little pizza at 2amy's.
gosh i miss that girl. and all my friends back in nyc. 

{something sweet bakery link}
p.s. it was verrrrry good. go there.


{i don't remember where i found this quote.}

a little guest posting on english muse...

i'm sharing my favorite photographs on english muse today...


photo via flickr.

when freckles collide.

oh i have something so exciting to tell you 
that i'm typing too fast and making silly mistakes.
slowwwwww down, naomi.

ok, so remember when i blogged about this painting 
by the fabulous artist casey o'connell last month around my birthday?
 the painting is called when freckles collide 
& i fell in love with it the moment i laid eyes on it. 
it's easy to fall in love with all of casey's work, though.
it's not only beautiful, it's inspiring, honest, real.

casey emailed me the week after i blogged the painting to thank me,
which gave me goosebumps for about a week after that. 
{i get really jumpy & excited when people i admire are so kind}

well last week something magical happened.
i received a large mysterious package in the mail from ltl prints.
after opening, there it was: a huge wall graphic of when freckles collide.
there was also a little note wishing me a happy belated birthday from casey
i hadn't expected it and never imagined something like this 
would happen when i posted about the painting last month. 
i gasped. i screamed. i clapped my hands and jumped up & down.
and then i cried. i was so touched that such a talented & established artist
would gift something so special to a complete stranger. 
such a kind & thoughtful gesture that i never expected to receive. 

thank you casey {and ltl prints} for making me such a happy girl!
also, our new home suddenly rocks in decor!


**i also have to say how thankful i am for the beautiful people i've been blessed to meet
 both online and in person through this little blog.  so many inspirational people, new friends & loving individuals. i never imagined when i started this little blog that it would provide me such great opportunities with work & projects or introduce me to some of the most admirable and inspiring people i've come across. you all mean a lot to me, and i'm so happy to have you here. thanks for all you do... xoxo

here's to happiness, round 2 {by peri}

happy. happy. happy.

peri's little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. thunder
  2. aviator hats
  3. ferris wheels
  4. budweiser commercials
  5. the sound of waffles being buttered
  6. when my knees go weak with laughter
  7. photo shoots
  8. nerd glasses
  9. suspenders
  10. finger painting
thanks for playing, peri!
{image via olivia bee}

here's to happiness, round 2 {by lindsay}

another beautiful happy list, by lindsay.

lindsay's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. taking pictures of laughing children
  2. dancing while mopping the floor
  3. every romantic, delicious & artistic thing about europe
  4. reading old journal entries & laughing at myself
  5. looking for images in the clouds
  6. having freshly painted toenails
  7. feeling invincible after a run
  8. holding hangs & getting butterflies
  9. going to the airport
  10. trying a new kind of cheesecake
thanks for the inspiring list, lindsay!
{image via ffffound.}

rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a sponsored giveaway by otis b!

otis b's shop owner, darrah, launched her online shop
of jewelry designs last december!  she is a busy stay at home mother of two 
gorgeous little girls with a penchant for all things shiny!

the giveaway item is one of otis b's most popular pieces,
get excited!

the necklace is made of a genuine laurel leaf 
that has been stripped & then plated in sterling silver
 & is paired with a lovely cultured freshwater pearl drop 
on a sterling silver chain. it is a lariat, so there is no clasp, 
you loop it once around your throat & you're done!

to enter, please visit otis b and leave a comment below 
before friday, july 31st! good luck!

*otis b is also offering a 15% off sale to readers 
who mention rockstar diaries in their note to seller 
during checkout! please note: discounts are given 
in the form of a credit card refund after payment is made 
because coupon codes are not accepted on Etsy at this time. 

**email me if you'd like to sponsor rockstar diaries 
& participate in a giveaway!

hey husband, i can see myself in your sunglasses.

that's cool.

photo from our early friday evening picnic
in the sculpture garden where we listened to jazz
with hundreds of other people.
it was also very cool. 

oh, how we are loving summer.

here's to happiness, round 2 {by jaime}

let's bring these back, shall we?

a few days ago this little happy list was emailed to me
and it made me beyond happy to read.
i'd almost forgotten how much i enjoy all of your happy lists.

jaime's little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. the feel of my husbands feet on mine, under the covers
  2. a bunch of freshly picked sunflowers
  3. a really good cry
  4. holding newborn babies
  5. the fresh, cool feel of the ocean on a summer day
  6. reading under a blanket while it's raining outside
  7. being able to cook or bake with no deadline
  8. an energizing run
  9. chocolate milkshakes
  10. zucchini flowers at the farmers market
oh gosh, that's a good one!
thanks for sharing, jaime!

{photo via cloud society}

weekend polaroid.

from jack's boathouse in georgetown.

i wish you a magical weekend!

and my love to you all!

25 years.

honestly, i can't believe it.

happy 25th wedding anniversary mom & dad.
i'm so proud of you both and love you very much!



thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway!
our two winners are listed below-- 

please email me your shipping addresses ladies!

ben's chili bowl.

{oh yes, and president obama sat here. holla!}

awesome chili fries & chili burgers.
highly recommended by us.

{and we are LOVING that DC does free soda refills!}


we are so silly. 

but he's the silliest.

and we are silly in love.


sensibly styled interview.

if you're interested, i did a little interview with the cute ladies 
over at sensibly styled. i also highly recommend their site 
since these women are all about promoting fun and fashionable modesty.
 the world needs more women like them.

little letters.

dear husband,
i'm sorry i don't go running with you at 6am. one of these days i promise it will happen. please keep believing in me.

dear capitol hill post office,
thanks for hiring such friendly people. but please do something about the indoor mosquitos.

dear scale in my bathroom,
i think you were lying this morning. i hope you were lying this morning.

dear corn on the cob,
i am obsessed with you.

dear driver who scraped my vw beetle last week and didn't leave a note,
i am still mad at you.

dear meg & carolyn,
i am jealous you two are going to be roommates in a few weeks. how fun will your new address be?!

dear sleep,
please come back to me and let me enjoy you at night. tossing & turning & gazing at the ceiling is so boring.

dear new clean & crisp sheets,
maybe you will help me sleep better? i'm counting on you...

dear 500 days of summer,
i was so excited to see you, but you were 124 days too long and i'm sorry to say i didn't love you.

dear husband {you get 2 letters because i love you so},
can we please have sushi for dinner tonight?


capitol hill's flea market & more eastern market love.

come visit us in dc and we'll take you to one of our favorite spots.
they have delicious breakfasts, beautiful displays and vendors
& you'll meet some of the sweetest people.


when i can't sleep, i make stuff.

i saw these clip boards on sale at uo last night and had an idea...

a little while later... ta dah!

always love finding ways to incorporate more chalk board paint
into my home {you all know how much i love love love that stuff}
and new ways to hang up a few of our little polaroids.


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