still away...

i have so much to tell many stories and photos to post...
but i'm also struggling for air right now & i don't feel like talking about it...

perhaps someday.
when i'm more courageous and trusting.
when i'm a braver version of me.

please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 

and thanks for being my friend,
i'll be back soon.


{photo via papertissue.}

boo boo's {and giveaway winner.}

i'm still on a blogging break {well, i think}
but i logged into blogger to post our giveaway winner
and before i knew it, i was uploading these photos of my twin sisters too.

sometimes i can't help myself.

we spent a lovely few days together here in DC,
full of lots of outings, shopping, dining, and late night conversations.

i dropped the boo boo's off at the dorm yesterday and like a proud sister,
i cried alone in the car on the 4 hour drive back to DC.
they are such intelligent, beautiful & courageous girls.
and i am so proud of how far they've come and who they are today
despite some serious hardships along the way.

i love you, boo boo's!

and let's not forget the main reason i'm blogging today:
our giveaway winner:

congrats! email me you which print you'd like & shipping address!

and to everyone else,
thanks for being awesome.
have a great weekend...

be back soon!


i'm taking a few days off from blogging...

have a wonderful week while i'm away!

and don't forget to enter the giveaway!
the winner will still be posted on friday!


*photo from a the most darling little backyard wedding
we attended in richmond virginia on sunday.

rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a giveaway by ciao chessa!

the winner will receive a print of their choosing
from ciao chessa's open edition line of prints in the shop.

the talent behind ciao chessa is the corporate dropout
turned professional NY-based photographer monica shulman.
monica left her career as a corporate lawyer to focus on her photography.
chessa is her childhood nickname, and monica says it's also
her much bolder & less shy alter-ego!

so go head over to ciao chessa and start dreaming of
which open edition print you'd love to win ...

then leave a comment below before friday, august 28th!

good luck!

a mini juilliard '08 reunion of sorts...

speaking of seeing loved ones,
i got lucky and got to visit with a few old loves in these last few weeks!

while in new york city the other week,
i caught up with nigel who was in town from germany,
sarah in town from chicago,
carolyn who still lives in magical nyc (but soon to be berlin!)
and collin and sumaya (unfortunately we didn't take a photo).

and since the trey mcintyre project is on tour and was in dc last week,
i got to see my lovely chanel, dylan & brett a few times last week.
(josh and i also got to see them perform which was AMAZING.)

i'm so proud of my friends.
get me started on them and i'll brag and brag for hours
about their individual successes and stories.
they are beautiful, talented and caring people.

i'm honored to be a part of '08.

p.s. yes, it's true. i bought a pair of jeans.
let's not talk about it, i still feel weird that i wore them...

these darling little twins sisters of mine are all grown up...

they are suddenly 18 years old
and off to college on the east coast...

how did that happen so fast?

but first, before they jet off to college,
the boo boo's {as we've always called them}
are in the air on a plane as i type this...
on their way to dc to spend a few days with husband and me.

we are thrilled.


family is one of the best things in this world.
i love these girls. i'm so proud of them.
can't wait to play....

it's still 100 degrees outside but i can feel summers end fast approaching.

taza & husband wish you a lovely weekend!

go do something outside! before summer is gone
and we're trapped in doors hiding from the cold...


oh yeah, and our giveaway winner is geri!
congrats geri! please send me your shipping info!



have you heard?
thank you urban outfitters for supporting the impossible project!
read more about it here.

instant film will be back in early 2010!
good news since the stock pile in my fridge is practically out.

a polaroid of me in front of our polaroid wall in our home.

" me at the fair."

"meet me in st. louis, louis,
meet me at the fair,
don't tell me the light are shining
any place but there;
we will dance the hoochee koochee,
i will be your tootsie wootsie,
if you will meet me in st louis, louis,
meet me at the fair!"

i've been singing meet me in st. louis all morning.
after easter parade, it's my all time favorite movie.

so here are a few more photos from the fair.

until next year...

*a few of these photos were taken by our rockstar friend leslie.

still happy.

i keep having terrible dreams where terrible things happen.
i'm stressed. and sleep deprived.
my skin is acting up.
i need to have my eyes checked.
i yawned like 20 times today.
and, we're still waiting.

but i have the coolest little desk.
my husband makes me smile and laugh.
my cuticles have never looked so good.
my little sisters come to town on monday.
and most strangers i pass on the street are so very kind.

life is still good.

{photo by me. taken with the diana.}

here's to happiness, round 2 {by erin}

erin's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. the smell of wet pavement from a heavy first rain
  2. when autumn & halloween decor goes on display in store windows
  3. red nail polish
  4. when my doggie nestles her head into my lap for a good nap
  5. the feeling of sand between my toes at the beach
  6. sushi-- especially the philly roll
  7. discovering a new delicious recipe
  8. random love notes
  9. christmas cookies: making them, eating them...
  10. walking through antique stores
thanks for playing, erin!
photo via flickr.

*find more happiness lists here.

we love the county fair.

on saturday i put on my red cowboy boots
& we headed to the montgomery county fair with friends.


the fair is also a good excuse to eat lots of fried stuff!
we tried fried oreos for the first time {obsessed}
and also ate fried dough, funnel cakes,
cotton candy, a bucket of fries & some yummy bbq chicken.

we highly recommend the montgomery county fair...
best rides, events, food, contests...
we love the county fair.

rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a lovely giveaway by

YarnOverMovement is a vintage inspired hand knit shop,
run by a canadian gal living in a small southern city,
a transplant from toronto.

the giveaway item, a teal perth classic ascot,
is named after a small southern ontario city.
this classic ascot is a timeless piece that still hold a modern flair.
hand knitted in delicate stitches with pretty scalloped edges
& keyhole openings.
hand knit with machine washable soft touch yarn.

to enter, please visit YarnOverMovement
and leave a comment below before friday, august 21st.

good luck!

*unless noted, all giveaways are open to US and international readers!

homemade sunday dinners on our back patio...

just another reason why we are loving summer...

happy birthday little blog.

can blogs have birthdays?
is that allowed?
or is that just silly?

so it's been 2 years since our first post... oh my.

sometimes i can't believe how much i love blogging...
or that i am still blogging...
or that i haven't taken our blog private yet...

i also can't believe how far along my sweet husband and i
have come since that first post...

this little blog has provided such a lovely little outlet for me...
a place to collect my thoughts, post our photos,
our online journal of sorts...

better yet, it's helped me really focus on the beauty of life...
and it's taught me a lot about myself in the process.

it's become such a lovely part of my little routine each day
and has presented the loveliest opportunities
to make new and wonderful friends both on and offline...
something i never in a million years expected
when i first signed up for a Blogger account...

so i'd just like to say thank you...
thanks for stopping by so often, for reading,
for being ever so kind and inspiring.
i adore all of you.
and i'm glad we're friends.

happy birthday little blog!

i'm going through a black & white phase.

 everything seems so much better this week without the color.
here are a few more of my favorite diana shots from capitol hill.

have a wonderful weekend!



thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!
our giveaway winner is rosie who said:
email me your shipping address, rosie!
and happy birthday!

that old vw bus...

husband and i came  this close to buying an old junker vw bus
and driving it cross country for our honeymoon. 

but at one point or another, a few quaint bed & breakfasts around cape cod 
sounded more appealing and the vw bus idea was out.
when we ventured out last april in a different kind of vw.

but we're still dreaming of someday driving around town in our own vw bus.
and while i'm probably one of the only women out there 
who actually dreams of owning her own mini van someday,
 i'd still prefer a vw bus to haul my children to soccer practice in. 

someone very lucky owns this one below and parks it near our place...
it's absolutely beautiful and sometimes i go out of my way to drive by it.

photos taken with slightly cooperating b&w lomography film
and my diana.


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