my best friend, sumaya.

she has graced this little blog of mine many a times.
and she has been one of my best friends since freshman year at juilliard.
and a roommate for two of those years...
she is a very good, genuine and loving person...
who has seen me at my worst {too many times to count}
and still loves me.

sumaya, dear, happy 23rd birthday halloween baby!
you deserve only the best and i wish you a beautiful year!
i love you like a sister.

and happy halloween to the rest of you!!!
i can't wait to see what everyone did/ was/ didn't do....


happy halloween weekend!

i could not be more thankful that it is the weekend.

enjoy yours!
happy halloween!


and little miss princess lasertron is our giveaway winner!

email me your shipping info, ring size
and what you want your sweet ring to say!


*photo from my front yard in utah the other day.
i love seeing autumn try to hold its own against the big winter storms.
it can't get more beautiful.

getting to hang with the cool kid on the block...

i just finished a little project here in utah this evening (and thankfully it was a success! now i can go back to sleeping at night...) i head back to DC tomorrow.

on monday i woke up really sick so the past few days have kind of been torture for me. i hate being sick. and stressed. and tired. ....mostly i just hate being sick.

but since i've been staying at my house in utah, i've had my mother by my side to take care of me (and she's been cooking all of my favorite meals --and desserts--so i cannot complain!) thanks mom. i love you.

i also woke up to gorgeous snow falls the past few mornings and got to hang out with the coolest kid on the block (my little brother, isaac, duh)... things are good.

i can't wait to get into my own bed tomorrow night though. or see my handsome husband. i miss poking him while he's on the computer...

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

i am so excited about this weeks giveaway
by our sponsor tinahdee!

about tina:
"making jewelry for people makes me happy.
i can be having the worst day, and when i head out to my workshop
& get lost in creating, all my troubles float away!"

tina is giving away one of her recylced silver rings!
the disc on this silver ring is made from a melted down dog tag!
how cool!

the winner will get to choose the ring size & customize their words!

to enter, please visit tina's beautiful etsy shop
and comment below before friday, october 30th!

good luck!

hello. goodbye.

i'm off to new york city today for a little project this weekend.

then i'll be in utah all of next week working on a different one.
{and squeezing in some family time! hooray!}

so blog posts might not be very consistent.
but i do have a rockstar giveaway scheduled for next tuesday,
so be sure to check back!

have a great weekend, loves!

p.s. see our new layout??!! ahh i love!
ellie over at rainy day templates helped me create it!
she is the best- and i am so thrilled with rockstar diaries new little image!
thank you ellie!

polaroid giveaway winner:

congrats to muchlove for winning this weeks giveaway!
i am a little bit jealous of you...

please email me your contact info!

and thank you to all who entered!

pumpkin festival in germantown.

some photos from the pumpkin festival in germantown.
here are the polaroids from that day.

can't wait to carve our findings
and roast the seeds!

really, it's the only part of this holiday that i enjoy.

happy birthday, dad!

my daddio.

he is a magnificent man, and i am so proud of him.

i love you dad!
happy birthday!

{photo of dad and isaac as a baby. i ADORE this photo.}

stealing a kiss on lake george in florida.

it was probably my most favorite moment on our little trip.
i love him.

23 years old. Or 6.

last night I had spaghettios for dinner.
tonight, classic pb&j with a big glass of milk.

I feel so much better.

I'm having pb&j again tomorrow for breakfast.

"all you need to do is, eh. er. it. er. and you'll be saved."

today i feel like michael scott from
last week's episode of "the office".
somebody please come save me.


*you probably will not understand the title of this post unless you go watch last weeks episode.
which i highly recommend you do. unless of course you've never watched an episode in your life,
in which case, you'll just be really confused.

**old polaroid of me by josh from 2006. i was just as moody, stressed and tired back then...surprise. surprise.

rockstar giveaway!

this week, melanie from you are my fave,
is giving away a wonderful little polaroid subscription
to one of you...

melanie says,
"i'm not claiming to be a photographer,
i just really like to take polaroids.
in fact, that's my camera of choice.
my polaroid has become by faithful traveling companion
+ i want to share the perfectly faded results with other people.
shake it."

the 6 month polaroid subsription includes a couple original polaroids
{plus another little surprise} deleivered to your mailbox once a month.

who doesn't love receiving surprises in the mail?
plus, polaroid surprises?
yes, please!

to enter, please comment below before friday, 23rd.
see more of melanie's polaroids in her flickr stream.


florida, part 1

photos all taken with the ShakeIt PHOTO app on my phone.

somewhere over the rainbow...

{taken in florida with my phone}.

i saw three rainbows on our trip.
all were beautiful.
it was heaven.

and our giveaway winner from last week is:

congrats! please email me your shabby apple choice + shipping info!

happy weekend!

it comes out today. can't wait to see it...

and have a lovely weekend!

{we're still in florida...}


will you totally hate me if i put off drawing the winner
of the shabby apple giveaway until monday?

guess that gives you a few extra days to enter...
so no hate.


these are a few of my favorite things...

"a few of my favorite things" giveaway.

i had a lot of fun figuring out what to send
heather, the winner.

here's what i sent:

a few polaroids of my favorite places in nyc & dc
homemade chocolate chip cookies
(my absolute favorite thing to bake)
a rose petal bath ball from sabon in nyc
2 handmade taza headbands
my favorite esse nail polish colors
"bermuda shorts" & "south of the hi'way"
and an old post card i've had beside my bed since my dorm days
with a little message on the back.

thanks to everyone who entered!

what are a few of your favorite things?

it's baaaaack! no, really this time. heard, right?!

happy dance .


we are off in the wee hours of the morning
on our way to florida for the weekend.

cross your fingers for nice weather
and little traffic {yep, we're driving} for us, please.

excited to see where my love grew up
{he was from jacksonville once upon a time if you didn't know}
and have him show me around his old hood.

be back soon!

new york, i love you.

i spent the last few days in NYC wrapping stuff up for a project
and i have to tell you, it was really hard coming back to DC.

there is something about that city this time of year
that no other city can compete with...
and i'm missing it more now than ever.

why did we move?!

....just kidding. {a little.}


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