guess what?!


...and we are THRILLED!

free shipping.

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photo by rebecca reed.

a trip to the U.S. botanic garden with the sisters.

definitely a beautiful spot in d.c.
and while it was blazing hot hot hot outside,
it still made for a fun little outing with the twins.

link to botanic garden website here.

missing my sisters already.

they are such cute and fun girls. we had a great time with my twin sisters on the Hill for a few days. and now they start their 2nd year of college tomorrow. how crazy. good luck little sophomores! we are so proud of you, and we love you!

please watch this. and laugh with me.

classic. and i have never laughed so hard.
thanks for sharing, radio cass.

breakfast with sisters.

my little twin sisters flew into d.c. last night.
we had an early morning breakfast over at eastern market to celebrate.
i LOVE these girls. so glad they're here for a few days to play.


we met these two crazy cows at chick-fil-a last night. they are super cool.


pretty sounding joanna newsom came on my ipod yesterday.
i'd almost forgotten how much i love her and her beautiful harp.
she was just what i needed for my tuesday.
maybe she can help you with your wednesday... if you need it (i do.)


arlington national cemetery.

josh's cousin travis came to visit us over the weekend from chicago. we went over to the arlington national cemetery with him on saturday before dinner. i'm embarrassed we still hadn't been, but glad we finally went. it's beautiful over there and was a nice opportunity to remember all those who have served and continue to serve our country so honorably.

run on sentence. but have a happy weekend!

i lack energy these days and my back is really sore and last night i had the worst dreams ever. and then kingsley has been kind of naughty the past few days always wanting to play tug of war with whatever skirt i am wearing and he usually always wins because he has a really strong bite and i fear for my skirts life now whenever i wear one. but it is friday and i don't have any work today and we have company coming into town tonight and the house smells wonderful and kingsley is currently sleeping so i can sneak out to go grocery shopping without having him bother my skirt. bless you, snoring puppy in the living room.

so, i hope you have a happy weekend! and that it is filled with people you love and sweet treats!

*photos via the phone from one of our little walks the other night. i hope this cooler weather is here to stay.

the dairy godmother.

we both felt pretty drained by 5pm saturday evening and couldn't decide on what to eat for dinner. we almost just crawled into bed for the night without dinner, but we finally decided pancakes at ihop sounded like the best dinner option ever, and eating dinner is important, you know. so we headed out to alexandria for pancakes and afterwards found ourselves on mt. vernon avenue for some frozen custard at the dairy godmother. i don't usually care for custard, i'd rather have good ice cream or gelato, but the custard here really does live up to all the hype we hear from friends in the area about the place. josh's raspberry was perfect. i could eat some of that after every meal. and then some. thanks for the date, josh!

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"the week ends! with a smile and a cupcake..." (and an adorable bully in georgetown.)

have a wonderful weekend!
love, josh, naomi & kingsley

giveaway winner announced!

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what do you wish?

i wish josh and i were swimming in a big pool at this very moment. it's just so hot, and i wanna practice some pas de deux moves in the water!

i also wish capitol hill (or any place in d.c. for that matter) wasn't such an expensive place to rent or buy property. $900,000 for a teeny tiny 2 bedroom shoe box with no garage or yard and only 2 closets? who buys these places, people?

i wish poptarts (specifically the brown cinnamon sugar flavor) were a healthy snack that was recommended for your daily diet.

i wish people driving behind me at the stop light wouldn't honk the second the light turns green. it makes me all flustered. and frankly, i think it's rude.

i wish angry birds wasn't so much fun to play. we're losing valuable sleep at our house thanks to those clever pigs with mustaches.

i wish i liked spending time in the kitchen. still not there, yet.

i wish kingsley wouldn't have chewed up my most expensive pair of heels. more importantly, i wish i would have remembered to put them away rather than leave them beside his little bed like an open invitation. never again.

and... i wish it was saturday.

a diana in paris, by marci.

she is just so good with that little plastic camera. aren't these gorgeous?
to see all of marci's diana's, click here.

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bullies by the creek.

on saturday evening kingsley met up with his fellow bulldog friends out in virginia beside a shallow creek to play in the water. there were 17 bulldogs, total. we didn't know how kingsley would handle the water, since he usually insists on crossing the street to avoid even the tiniest puddle on walks around the Hill (we don't kid.) josh plopped him into the water right when we got there and he was suddenly a new dog, in love with the creek! we couldn't get him out of there by the end of the evening. it proved to be a great way to cool him off in this heat.

there are some pretty adorable bulldogs in our play group, too. see for yourself below...

kingsley running around in the water.

stanley covered in mud.


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